Collections Lawyer Spring Valley

If internal efforts have failed to resolve a debt issue, it may be time to call in a Collections Lawyer.

Collections Attorney WestchesterKavulich and Associates can offer you more than just collections services. Kavulich and Associates is a group of collection attorneys who are ready and willing to use the full extent of the law to help you collect on the commercial debt that is owed to your business. Our collection efforts are very successful without having to resort to litigation. Kavulich and Associates will only get courts involved if your debtors don’t respond to our standard and traditional collections methods. Kavulich and Associates handles a wide variety of collections including:

  • consumer/retail
  • commercial
  • medical
  • landlord/management
  • debt portfolio

Collections Lawyer Spring Valley

With a high debt recovery ratio, we know how to help you collect on what is owed to you as quickly as possible. When a business is inundated with multiple accounts that are unpaid or delinquent, the results can be very detrimental to your business; especially if you have already paid third party contractors. We work hard to help get you back to business as usual with a better cashflow to do it. Unlike most collection agencies who have to outsource some services, we do everything in house and that results in faster recovery and ultimately saves you money.

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How can Kavulich and Associates help your business reduce receivables and improve cashflow: