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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 School and rigor – understand, prevent, act – Disobey – my mom is gendarme … – The school tested the rigor The title of the newspaper Le Monde dated Wednesday, April 7 was "Less teachers
, more students: the school to the test of rigor ". Since the arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in 2007, non-replacement policy half of retiring civil servants has been applied, especially in the National Education. And the head of state recalled Wednesday 31 March, this policy would continue until 2013. Budget It is no more than "degrease the Mammoth" to borrow the famous phrase of Claude Allegre. Today, we attack the bone … The World is engaged in an investigation to see how this policy has an impact on the quality of the education service. At first, says the newspaper are the replacements for secondary schools, which were assigned to posts in the year. This makes it almost impossible short replacements holders. Secondly, options were deleted, the repetition rate was reduced (but on this point should we complain, so we know how it is ineffective?). The newspaper also mentions reduced working hours at all levels of education. If these cuts were no consequences on the level of students, it could possibly rejoice. But it is clear that the effort of the Nation for Education is reduced (7.5% in 1995, 6.6% of GDP today) and at the same time the results of France in international comparisons remain low. And school failure remains nosocomial disease of the School. In another article, Cedelle Luke adds to this already long list that "saved positions in 2010, are priced at the questioning of the initial work and training for teachers. "The other consequence, adds Maryline Baumard" is that any ministerial decision became suspicious, read immediately as a lever to gain positions. ". The latest example is still the high school reform which we fear it undergoes forward despite ministerial denials, the effects of the austerity policy. And "Mammoth", it does trumpeting … understand, prevent, act "can not wait for technical solutions for reducing violence. It is the human that counts. ". These are the words of Eric Debarbieux, President of the Scientific Council of the States General Security at the School at the beginning of the first day of work. High Mass without a future? Or opportunity to talk without taboos and rigor of school violence? This is the challenge that made the researcher Eric Debarbieux giving subtitled these Estates General "to understand, prevent, act." The researcher came after Luc Chatel who called the opening to "devise pragmatic solutions to meet the diverse forms of violence." In his speech, Debarbieux took the opportunity to recall the main results of research "such as instability of teaching staff is known to be one of the factors of violent behavior." Similarly, reduce the number of students per class to reduce violence but "only in deprived neighborhoods." Egide Royer, psychologist and professor of special education at the University of Laval in Quebec intervened then. He stressed the important role of training. "A euro spent on prevention would save 6 euros in duress," he recalls. In Release, you can also read an interview with Russell Skiba, the American researcher who also intervened relies on the American example to show that the policy of "zero tolerance" failed. It is also interviewed by Le Monde. We note especially the statement: "These reports and our best results of research suggest to prevent violence by an effort on three levels: building a positive school climate, tracking and rapid response and the answers provided in advance any disruption or violence. ". Le Parisien published the report to the Minister by Alain Bauer who chaired a mission of reflection on the sanction which is 31 Among these proposals, "the working group suggests working on a positive application of the sanction. He recommends making excluding exceptional character and prohibit the exclusion from class if the student attendance can be dangerous. It calls for priority to educational and restorative sanction for repair allows to reinstate the educational community. It recommends strengthening the role of community service, goods received by students and families in the scale of sanctions. It also proposes that any sanctions must be the subject of a written motivation and an oral discussion between the student and the principal adviser of education: the penalty must be explained to be understood and rid of its personal aspect: the the student must be punished for an act, not for himself. "Disobeying in Release must report a forum Alain Refalo. This is one of the leaders of the movement of desobeisseurs teachers. he attacks the unions he accuses of "autism" (the passage cease when do we use this expression offensive to parents of children suffering from this disease?). for him, the "teachers strike" is a "useless ritual union "that avoids the requirement to hear radical worn by desobeisseurs. the word" resistance "appears in many places of this column and this leaves reading a curious feeling. We can just fa it include the singular and individual struggle desobeisseurs but the call to the "spirit of resistance" and the emphasis that goes with it also leads to lose its meaning to the word historical connotations. Beyond the refusal, there also room for exploration of leeway that continue to exist in a republican system and a status that remains the official. Listen to … My mom, she’s police … "My dad, he is a policeman and he will arrest you." An often mistakenly uttered threat through in the playground reminds us Figaro Except that it has been implemented on March 26 Three high school students, not dangerous or dealers, were involved in an argument with one of their comrade class, they had apparently insulted. No luck, the mother of the latter’s police commander at the police station in the nearby town of Plan-de-Cuques. In the next half hour, 12 police officers, aboard three service vehicles, went to high school. The officials requested that the three boys, the first students, "they are brought to the field," before leading them to the police station of Plan-de-Cuques where they were searched, handcuffed, before fingerprinting, photos and sample DNA. Then they were transferred to Marseille Bonneveine police station, where they underwent a new search. They were released at 18h. Decidedly, insecurity prevails in schools … Good Reading … ———————————- ———— of 07/04/10 (some paid items) "We have many plans against fire, why not against school violence?" the general state of school safety are held today and tomorrow at the Sorbonne in Paris. Minutes of the discussions of the morning. Read more of the article School: "Zero tolerance failed" Russell Skiba, a researcher speaking today to the general state of school safety, analyzes the US example. Read more of the article Two young in custody after the assault of a headmaster in Blanquefort Two young people, including a child, were taken into custody after the headmaster of the assault of a vocational school the Bordeaux area in his establishment on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the police said Wednesday AFP. Read more of the article The teachers strike, union pointless ritual By Alain Refalo We knew autism government deal with defense mobilization of public schools. Do we now see a union form of autism face the requirement of radical thing and that thousands of primary school teachers have been able to music not to be accomplices of nefarious and unfair reforms? Read more of the article The school Cherioux breath after winning four pawns Two months after the spectacular assault of a student, the teachers of the institution have partially won their battle with the ministry. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 07/04/10 Violence in schools: the report that worries shots, stabbings, explosive devices … a notede police provides an alarming state of affairs. Read more of the article High school students arrested for insulting the daughter of a police Challenged by a dozen police officers in their high school, the three teenagers spent several hours in custody. Parents and teachers unions did not took off. Read more of the article Sects: these children that parents Where a father or mother quarrel falls in the grip of a sectarian movement, the judge must measure the risk to their child and organize his new life. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the 07/04/10 When the Big Brother comes to the school last week, launching the operation on the occasion of the States general security to school, I noted that in the UK, 85% of school facility would be equipped with video surveillance cameras and in 10% of cases, even in the toilet. An example followed, in France, for a school that at least, not content videosurveiller toilets (what the law forbids), infirmary, CDI, corridors and study rooms, also takes fingerprints students in the cafeteria (which is forbidden), and a reign iron discipline within it … while displaying excellent academic results. Read more of the article back on twenty years of struggle plans against school violence for 20 years no less than nine fight plans against violence in schools have been developed by successive Ministers of Education. Read more from the article "A real violence but not omnipresent" The general state of security at school on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 April in Paris at the Sorbonne, bring together scientists and representatives of the educational world. The heard testimony of online deal with violence in schools. Read more of the article Violence in schools: "A graduated discipline rather than zero tolerance" Come open the States General of the Safe School, Wednesday, April 7, the Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, recalled from the outset that being "up to the challenge involves reviewing all the responses: prevention, protection, training, punishment, repression or experimentation." Read more from the article "The government has no ambition for Early Childhood" Early childhood professionals are called to a new forward and strike, Thursday, April 8, to call ducollectif "No babies at the set", opposed to a relaxation of home rules. Guest of a cat, Wednesday, April 7, Christophe Harnois, one of the collective voice, explains why he is opposed to the government decree which should enable timely raise nurseries reception capacity and reduce the number of qualified staff (nursery assistant, educator of young children …) in favor of less qualified people, such as early childhood CAP holders. Read more of the article Can "degrease the mammoth"? The campaign slogan has become an accounting rule. Since the arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in 2007, not replacing half of retiring civil servants is generally appropriate. And the head of state recalled, Wednesday, March 31, that he would remain until the budget 2013. Read more from the article "France has a large share of pupils" other countries reduisent- they their number of teachers? Read more of the article "knowledge society" proof ux beginning of the five-year accounts, a paradoxical argument was handled in the circles of power to justify the deletion policy of teaching positions: it , it was explained, was "the best way to force the system to reform itself from within." Any structure being forced to reorganize from a certain level of downsizing, bureaucratic rigidities of national education should thus give way to pragmatism and good will, to the benefit of all and even, ultimately, teacher satisfaction. Read more of the article Are you for a free youth literature? by Christophe Honore What looks like a specialist in children’s literature? To no one. What looks like a lover of children’s literature? To no one. For most people, the children’s literature is an immaculate conception for the age categories: 6-9 years, 11-13 years … Books to wear depending on its size and weight. It is a territory that only a few good women race, a forgotten country on an imaginary map, a tool that is not used. Yet over the years, he would be blind not to see win by area youth rays in bookstores. But this literature invades enriches less we talk about it. The less cares. Unless it is considered. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 07/04/10 (a day late) school Violence: what want teachers the general state of security in schools are opening today in Paris. On this occasion, the teachers we share their concerns and expectations on this overexploited by the Education Minister, Luc Chatel. Read more of the article School Violence. Unions remain cautious "Masquerade or true awareness? "The organization schoolgirl Fidl judge with prudence Luc Chatel initiative to organize general state of security. Like the teachers’ unions ahead of these debates other than a security catalog. "We wish that all dimensions of the problem are addressed: the content of education, the social dimension, partnerships with the city, the issue of school board" says Bernadette Groison, secretary general of the FSU, first Union Federation teacher. Thierry Cadart, the Sgen-CFDT, also calls for "getting to the bottom of the problem, avoiding stigmatizing approach." Read more of the article Violence against school or school? Even before the opening of the States General, Luc Chatel promised "zero tolerance." Read more of the article Guilherme expellable Sad news for the Lyon activists Guilherme Hauka Azanga remains in detention. On Friday, the judge of the detention decided his release. The prosecution had appealed. The Court of Appeal of Lyon yesterday reversed this decision and extended his five-day retention period which expired on 4 April. The authorities therefore have until Friday to deport him to Luanda (Angola). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 07/04/10 Building on parents to fight against school violence While open tomorrow the general state of school safety, Fadela Amara will today in Creteil college to highlight the original initiatives of the academy. Read more of the article School violence: the 31 proposals that debate The "general statements of the safe schools" were opened Wednesday in Paris with the report of the mission on violence in schools, the sanctions and the place of the family, led by criminologist Alain Bauer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 07/04/10 What sex education for children? Answer their questions without offending their modesty, create the exchange, set limits … such is the delicate mission of education of the parents. Step necessary to prepare children to live a fulfilling sexuality More Article ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 07/04/10 generals statements against violence High Mass school-lived? Or unexpected opportunity to speak without taboo of violence in schools for all stakeholders, students of the institution, through unions, parents, justice, police, communities, social workers, associations, not to mention the experts? This is the challenge that made the researcher Eric Debarbieux – an authority, president of the International Observatory on School Violence -in agreeing to chair the Scientific Council of the States General of security. Convened by the Minister of Education, Luc Chatel, after a series of attacks earlier this year, they open today for two days of discussions with the slogans "understand, prevent, act ‘ . Read more of the article Bauer Mission advocates that the practice of pupil exclusions practice exclusions of schoolchildren must "be fully reconsidered", advocated on Wednesday at the general states of security to the school Alain Bauer, summarizing the 31 proposals made by a mission which he was responsible. Read more of the article Concentrated violence in some schools Public secondary schools reported an average 10.5 serious incidents per 1,000 students in 2008-2009, according to Sivis investigation. Verbal and physical violence account for three quarters of known problems. Read more of the article School Violence: Chatel advocates a range of "pragmatic solutions" At the opening of the States General of the safe at school Wednesday in Paris, the Minister of Education said it would "exceed the opposition between the supporters of all safe and those of any educational ". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 07/04/10 general states: a communication operation? The general state of security in the school began on Wednesday at the Sorbonne. Can we build on their effectiveness? Read more of the article School Break: "There needs to fear of punishment" INTERVIEW – President (UMP) of the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, Eric Ciotti, is the only one to set up the device for suspend family allowances to parents … Read More Article States general of school violence, "tend towards zero tolerance" for Luc Chatel, the current sanctions are "neither graded fairly", "neither sufficiently understandable" . Read more of the article mobile security teams looking for their place in colleges They have not yet contacted all institutions they are supposed to manage, and their presence is more or less well received … Read following Article ——————————————– Rue89 —- High school students from 07/04/10, make a map of your CCTV cameras website initiates the census of french schools videosurveilles through a participatory map. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 07/04/10 Two days to tackle school violence Insults, fights, rudeness, contempt … Nearly 600 youth and adults participate today and tomorrow, the United general safety at school. Their mission: "To understand, prevent and act." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 07/04/10 Chatel measures "pragmatic" the Convention of the safe schools were opened Wednesday at the Sorbonne University in Paris. They bring together the government, members of the educational community and specialists of school violence. The Education Minister, Luc Chatel, will announce several proposals, Thursday noon, after discussions. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 07/04/10 Violence in schools: advocacy Luc Chatel at the opening of the States general of safety in schools, the Education Minister has called for a range of "pragmatic solutions innovative "to meet" all contemporary forms of violence in schools. " Read more of the article High school students in custody after a simple argument: IGPN before the General Inspectorate of the National Police will investigate. Three boys were placed in custody for several hours after insulting another student, whose mother is a police commander. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 07/04/10 "the school needs more teachers that sticks!" More sanctions in schools as advocated by the education minister? For users of, this is not necessarily the solution. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — on 07/04/10 the Pedagogical Cafe Opening of the States general of the school safety the Convention of the safe schools open Wednesday, April 7 in Paris. Will they be able to advance collective thinking on this? Read more of the article States General: What can we expect? The Convention of the school safety will they provide responses to school violence? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 07/04/10 Determined and unprecedented opposition in the national education By claude lelievre should worry – including right – a political line that raises the front and unprecedented opposition , within the Ministry of Education, in a variety of professional backgrounds. Read more of the article Custody Marseille for three students allegedly insulted the daughter of a police Marseille Three students spent eight hours in custody Friday, March 26 for insulting another schoolgirl whose mother, Commander of Police at a nearby police station, would have seen red. According to the SNES denouncing a "disproportionate" response and "illegal", 12 policemen have landed Antonin Artaud High School, in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille, in the half hour that followed the verbal altercation, not even the Headmaster be prevented. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — EducPros of technological Bins 07/04/10: CSE opposes the proposal of the Ministry of hours duplication the issue of hours of split classes of future technology path was widely discussed at the CSE (Council higher education) April 1, 2010. in order to achieve a negative vote. Read more of the article Affelnet: more favorable Parisian scale geographic proximity Affelnet, computerized procedure at national level, allowing each academy high school to set its allocation criteria. The rector of Paris alters his schedule to give more weight to geographical proximity. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 07/04/10 Martin Hirsch officially appointed head of the civic Service Agency Martin Hirsch, who recently left the government officially in May will head the new civic Service Agency which he originally was announced Wednesday in a letter Francois Fillon mentioned by Matignon. Read more of the article Bauer Mission advocates that the practice of pupil exclusions practice exclusions of schoolchildren must "be fully reconsidered", advocated on Wednesday at the general states of security to the school Alain Bauer, summarizing the 31 proposals made by a mission which he was responsible. Read more of the article More than 13,500 children are not in primary school (MIVILUDES) Over 13,500 children aged 6 to 11 years do not attend school, nearly 1,900 do not follow any education program remote, announced Wednesday Fenech, president of the interministerial Mission of vigilance and combat against sectarian abuses (MIVILUDES) presenting its annual report. Read more of the article Measuring violence and training priorities for Luc Chatel Luc Chatel, Minister of Education, said he wanted solutions to better "measure school violence" and to improve training teachers, a "clearly identified priority" during the general assembly of school safety. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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