Scheduled Fees


All fees are based on net collections. Kavulich and Associates makes all collections on your behalf. Once collection is made you can choose to be paid either electronically to your company bank account or by check with a detailed collection statement.

Our fees are as follows:

20% across the board on all Primary cases.30% on all Secondary placements. Any case above $20,000 will be negotiated.

***claims less than 90 days will be billed out at 15% of net.

***If a case has to be litigated by our attorneys, standard court fees are to be paid in advance …not to exceed $250.00, but usually $125.00. Kavulich and Associates’ fees will be discussed before submitting case to the courts. No litigation will be commenced without your consent.


Terms & Conditions:

 Primary cases. Delinquent accounts that have never been placed for collection.

 Secondary Placements. Delinquent accounts that another collection agency/attorney has previously attempted to collect on.